Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Setting Goals and Taking Names!

It has become apparent to me that I need to get a little bit more organized, so I am going to try to start setting some monthly goals to focus on, and keep myself on track. We'll see if this works, because having a list of things to do sounds to me an awful lot like being told what to do, and I hate being told what to do...even if I'm telling myself. I'm completely aware that I'm ridiculous.
Here we go...

Monthly Goal List: August 2011
  1. See therapist at least twice (one down, one to go)
  2. Lose 7lbs.
  3. Exercise at least 12 times (3 times per week, not including this week because I don't have time)
  4. Start taking a daily multi-vitamin, specifically need to get more calcium.
  5. Decide on a 30th birthday trip so people have time to plan and save money.
  6. Get up to the family vacation spot 3 of the next 4 weekends.
  7. Produce the first 5-10 pages of the book I'm working on with my friend.
  8. Only weigh in once a week because weighing in multiple times a week is making me insane.
  9.  Make a serious dent in the Willows project at work. 
  10. Finish sewing the orange polka dot dress I started several weeks ago.
 So there it is. I'm bad at lists, but since I put it in here for everyone to witness I may be more likely to get some stuff done.


  1. What kind of book? *curious*

  2. shhh... it's top secret! :-) It's some reality based fiction centered around our actual relationship. The way we met and became friends and how it all progressed just seemed too movie-like so we decided to see if we could make a decent story out of it.