Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Portrait Art 101

The past few weeks have absolutely flown by with everything that’s been going on. I still feel like I’m spinning in circles trying to catch up to myself, but with nothing specific to catch up on it’s difficult.
            The second challenge is over and Abbey won. She picked up a very early lead and held onto it for the whole 12 weeks. Skinny bitch… Anyways, yay! Congratulations Abbey! She takes my title of Hugest Loser, and if she would just do as I asked and send me a victory photo of herself I could post it up here for everyone to ooh and ahh at! But she hasn’t! And I’m beginning to suspect that she won’t! So I’ve taken it upon myself to post the following artistic interpretation of our challenge winner, Ms. Abigail…

What do you think? I feel like I really captured her essence…
Around the eyes it’s almost spooky how lifelike it is…

Other than the challenge being over I had my friends wedding this past weekend where the following picture of me was taken:

Magical isn’t it? Just had to mess up that pretty dress with a HORRIBLE face.

Here’s a nice face:

As nice as it gets anyways.

So I’m officially down 36 pounds since January and I’m really proud of myself. I’ve got maybe another 15 or 20 left to lose, and I say maybe because I’m not exactly sure what is going to look good on me, so we’ll see. All I do know is that I’m planning a beach vacation for my 30th birthday next year and I will be looking fucking fantastic by then or heads will ROLL.


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