Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hey You Guys

I've been bad, I know this... you don't have to rub it in.
You see, what happened was that summer got here and the challenge was over, so it was time to have some fun and not think so much about weight loss and blah blah blah... Also, I started school a couple weeks ago and it's turning out to be SO MUCH MORE work than I was expecting it to be. I knew it would be a lot, but you never truly appreciate the gravity of a situation until you're in it right? So I've been working, doing homework, and going on vacation in Maine whenever possible. I've been very busy.

As far as dieting and all that... I've been slacking. I'm not afraid to admit it. Today was the first time I've done any sort of calorie tracking since the 2nd challenge ended. I've been having some issues with my back, and I would like to blame my lack of exercising on that, but truthfully I wouldn't be doing it anyways.

there is some good news. I haven't gained any weight back. It's true that I haven't been counting calories or exercising, but I haven't been eating crap. I have a pretty good idea now of what is good and what isn't, so I've been paying attention to what I'm eating just without really obsessing about it. So far it's worked out, but I do want to get remotivated. I've got 15 pounds left to lose before I hit my "goal" weight. I say it like that because I'm not quite sure how much more I have to lose before I'm happy. I look at myself now and while yes I do see a big change, I also see what looks like a bit more than 15 more pounds that needs to get gone. You never know though, because I also really need to get back into exercising and I think I'll be rejoining Planet Fitness soon. I need to do more weight training and whatnot. I'm thinking about doing a 6 Week Butt Challenge. I'm not really sure how it works (because I just made that up), but basically I want to focus on that area (because it is still quite grande) and see what sort of transformation I can manage. It'll give me something new to focus on. Not just the overall weight loss and being healthy, but a specific area that I'm not super thrilled about, that I can closely track.

Anyone have any good ideas for butt shaping exercises? I know that when I was going to the gym before I was using the elliptical a lot and I definitely saw a big change in the "wagon I'm draggin".

I am attempting to get back into blogging. I do have a lot of other work right now, so it won't be so frequent, but I promise to try. Also, I've got another blog already all planned out and mostly written, but it needs pictures and I can't find the cable to get the pictures off my until then...

How are you guys doing?


  1. I thought one of all the starving dieters around blogland had gotten hold of you and used you as a snack... ^^