Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Putting Your Internet Where Your Mouth Is...also, how to cook a lentil.

It has dawned on me that I have been doing a lot of complaining and whining about my recent weight loss progress, but up until today it has not occurred to me to figure out why. The reasons for my stupidity may be more difficult to uncover, so we’ll stick with the weight loss thing.

Using the information that I’ve logged on Fitwatch.com since I started this whole thing back in January I’ve been able to see my progress broken down by weeks and months, with charts and graphs telling me my caloric intake vs. calories burned, a line graph showing the decline of my big fat ass, as well as a handy pie graph that shows my protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake for the whole time, or for certain days, etc etc etc…


Anyways! It does seem the during the times that I was most steadily losing weight my daily carbohydrate intake wasn’t more than 50%, with protein and fat equaling out the balance.

This is the average for January through April.

Currently, my pretty little pie graph….


Sorry! -most recently it seems that my protein intake has fallen lower while the carbs are slowly creeping over their 50% barrier.

Here's the graph for May through June.

Now, without the help of a professional nutritionist (I don’t need one, I have the internets!) I have come to the conclusion that I require more protein in my diet to help with the losing of (fat) poundage. I’ve been doing research and of course on the internet it is sometimes difficult to decipher the mad ramblings of some lunatic with a computer and a lot of time on their hands, from the actual facts-

ALSO, when it comes to weight loss there is obviously no set formula that works for everyone. You have to try things and tweak things until you find something that fits. ALSO, what worked for me in January when I was 30 pounds heavier will not necessarily be beneficial to me now as my body has changed quite a bit inside and out. So that being said I’m going to make a real effort to introduce more healthy proteins into my diet. I already do chicken and fish almost regularly, but not enough to make up the difference that I need. I’m thinking soy beans, tofu, and possibly lentils.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or any tips on how to cook lentils into something edible? Any input, recipes, or advice would be appreciated as I really need to jumpstart both my dieting, and my motivation at this point.

On a different note: How was your holiday weekend? Mine was good. I spent four days in Maine camping with the family. Went to the beach once but mostly just hung around and watched the kids. It’s strange how spending time with my family can make me feel completely insane, like I could tear my hair out and throw rocks at their heads, but at the same time I get home after a weekend like that and feel recharged, and in general better off than I was before I left. All in all it was a good time. I’m pretty lucky.


  1. If you're lucking for a tasty, low-cal lentil recipe, try this...


    Just ignore the first part where it sounds as if I was crazy, okay? ^^

  2. Rad! Thanks!
    also, insanity ignored.

  3. I have recently been trying to reduce my carbs and increase my protein. I am struggling with it, I need to find some healthy proteins that are quick & easy to fix plus tasty. I just like so many fruits and veggies which are plentiful this time of year that my carbs always take up too much of my calories for the day. Sorry, I have no recipes or tips for lentils. I tried fixing them a couple of ways this past winter, and never found anything that was really very appetizing. BTW, I love the humor you inject into your posts.

  4. Thanks! I'm glad someone enjoys it. I pretty much just write stuff that amuses me, and if someone else is as twisted as I am and also thinks it's funny... I count that as a double win.

  5. I'm glad to see that you're still here. I just got back and am happy to be back on track.

  6. Welcome back Becki!