Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awww... you shouldn't have!

I received this lovely award from Diandra (check out her blog HERE). I totally appreciate it, but it makes me feel sort of guilty because I have been TOTALLY ignoring the blog lately. I still check in and read what's going on with everyone else, but I have been seriously slacking on any personal contributions to the community. See last post for excuses and other such nonsense.

So now that I have this award I'm supposed to tell a bunch of stuff about myself that you don't know, and then pass this award on to other blogs that I feel are worthy.
I'm not going to do that.
Simple as that. Just not going to do it. I don't like feeling like I'm giving someone the award just because it's part of the rules. I don't even follow that many blogs, so I'd probably just be giving it to the same people that I gave it to last time.
So I'm holding onto this one for a while, and I'll give it out when I feel inspired.
As far as telling you things about me that you didn't know I guess first I'd have to say that if there are things you don't know about me there is a really good reason why, and second I just don't think I'm all that interesting.
I'll give it a shot.

1) I bought a new dress the other day. $20 (!!). And it is completely obnoxious. The colors remind me of Malibu Barbie, and the first season of Saved By The Bell. This picture doesn't do it real justice, but maybe you get the idea:

2) I really like wearing dresses, and I also really like taking pictures of myself in random establishment's mirrors.

3) Today I decided to trade in my ADHD medication for the ability to drink coffee (combining the two is only an option if I wish I stay awake for 48 hours straight) and I'm currently regretting that decision as my brain feels like it's splitting into 12,000 pieces and disintegrating. Basically that means I'm not accomplishing anything. It's taken me three hours to get this far into the post.

4) Sometimes I leave the office in the middle of the day and go shopping, and no one notices that I'm gone. It's pretty rad.

That's all I got. Hope everyone's holiday weekend is a good time, and that you all return next week with all your digits and other extremities firmly in tact (if that's how you started out).

****Happy Fourth Of July!****


  1. Nice dresses!

    Would your ADHD medication and coffee also combine like that if you drank decaf? I swear, most people don't even feel the difference.

  2. I have tried the decaf thing. It's not that bad. But really, I drink coffee so rarely that when I have the urge for it it's mostly worth it just to skip my pills for a day. It's usually on a weekend when I find myself with time to hang around somewhere in the mornings that I want coffee. Otherwise I can't be bothered really.