Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Voices In My Head Are Making Me Fat

I am having issues lately. Motivation and accountability issues. I don’t know what’s different about the weight loss challenge this time around but I can’t seem to find my groove as far as the actual diet part goes. Maybe it’s because summer is finally starting to show itself and all of this beautiful, warm weather just screams “Hang out with your friends and drink cold beer!”  It was also a holiday weekend that I spent at home with my family which means we went out to a brunch buffet (complete with chocolate fountain, and included mimosas), and then my father and I planned dinner which meant mussels steamed in beer, garlic, tomatoes, and butter. Yes, my mother and I took almost a three mile walk later that night, but still… It wasn’t enough to atone for all those caloric sins. I’ve been going to the park pretty regularly and walk/jogging at least 3 miles each trip, which is great, but I haven’t been keeping up with my food and exercise tracking so I’m doing a lot of guessing. As far as I can tell I haven’t gained any weight, and I’m almost positive that I’ll be coming in with a loss at this Friday’s weigh in but it’s almost like I don’t care.

It’s very strange.

I’m not tracking everything as obsessively as I was before so I’m starting to get bored OR I’m starting to get bored so I’m slacking on the tracking.

It’s a “chicken or the egg” dilemma people. I’ve hit a funk and I need something to kick me in the ass so I can move past it.

Any suggestions?

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