Friday, May 27, 2011


So I found this demotivational poster today and the first thing I did was laugh. I actually laughed out loud in my office so thankfully the door was shut. Then I thought, "Ooh! I should post that!" Then I thought maybe it might offend people.
So I posted it.

First of all, if you can't see the humor in almost everything then it's going to be a really long and rough life, and I feel sorry for you.

Second, I think it makes a good point. Now hear me out...
Who will agree that being realistic, and completely brutally honest with yourself is a major step in losing weight? Just like any other "addict" chronically overweight people are masters of lying to themselves and those around them to justify their actions. The excuses we make (the meeting was catered, I had to eat what they were serving), the justifications that may sound vaguely legit but deep down we all know they aren't (i didn't have time to stop, fast food was my only option), the fibs (everyone else was eating it, what was I supposed to do?), and then there's a laundry list of random stupid shit that you find coming out of your mouth and even you're wondering what the hell is wrong with you (I have too much stress and anxiety in my life to stick to a diet OR chicken nuggets are chicken, and chicken is healthy OR I will get serious and commit to losing weight once the rest of my life settles down). 
There are far too many to count. My personal favorite is "I was drinking!" Because every time you have a couple drinks you need to eat a whole bag of chips, or most of a pizza, or 6 eggrolls.... That's true right?....Right...............HELLOOooooo...?

I haven't been posting much lately because I've been feeling rather uninspired, and the only thing that ever gets me fired up enough to want to dedicate my time to forming cohesive thoughts and getting them in here for everyone to read is listening to the excuses that people make for their shitty behaviors. So I'm sorry if my subject matter has been maybe a little redundant but it really pisses me off, which is funny because I'm obviously guilty too.

Could we maybe make a deal? You give me a good hearty smack sandwich when I start saying stupid things, and I'll return the favor?

This could turn into fat kid fight club....not a bad idea...

It's weigh in Friday kiddies, and this week I am the same as I was last week, and that sounds sorta bad but when you consider that I came back from vacation 6 pounds heavier on Tuesday I'm pretty proud of myself for not having to register a gain this week.
That being said, I'm going to make week 4 my BITCH!!


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