Friday, May 13, 2011

Womb Steak

It's Friday and hopefully you all know what that means. Time to get on the scale and email me your weight! Only if you're participating of course. I don't really care what the rest of you weigh to be honest.

So I haven't posted any results for week one yet because I'm still waiting on some people. I'm guessing week one's progress won't be up until later this weekend or Monday, so until then I have some news to share! It's pretty awesome news.
You ready?

I'm down seven pounds since last Friday. HA!

I know that sounds really unhealthy, and no I have not been starving myself or eating laxatives by the box full! There are a few factors that contributed to this big loss and honestly eating right and exercising are only partially responsible. Last Friday was the weigh in to establish our starting weights for the challenge. I drove out to Abbey and Rich's house to weigh in with them on their Wii. Now, since the last challenge ended I've pretty much been on a strict diet of pizza and beer, and if you add that to the fact that we weighed in at 9 o'clock at night (I always weigh in at 7am), I ate a whole small pizza and drank two beers literally moments before getting on the scale, AND the very next day it was arts and crafts week at panty camp...there were communists in the summer was game day for the crimson tide...the monkey had a nosebleed...i was Playing banjo in Sgt. Zygote's Ragtime Band...i was serving up the womb steak medium rare- oh hell! It was that time of the month where I'm not at my best because my vagina is bleeding*.

Yeah, so add all those things together and you get a pretty easy drop of seven pounds. Of course I ate right this week, but I think I only exercised twice. I had soda for breakfast this morning, which is awesome. I'll be skinny but I'll have rotted out teeth if I keep that up.

ANYWAYS! I started dieting in January of this year, and since then I have lost 22.8 pounds. I'm pretty proud of myself. I honestly never really thought I was capable of sticking with anything this long, but thankfully I've proved myself wrong. C-Muscle and I were having a conversation this morning and it made me think... 2011 could end up being the year for big change. I'm about to turn 30 (next January), so why not now? Our conversation also got me thinking about how before whenever I was unhappy I would focus in on one thing and try and fix it, or change it in some way. I moved around alot, I changed boyfriends almost as often as I changed my underwear, I changed jobs even more and surprise surprise it never really worked. As it turns out you need to be working on all aspects of yourself if you want to make any real change for the better- Who knew?!

So far this year I've finally followed through and got myself evaluated and on medication for the ADHD, which has made such an unbelievable difference in every second of my life that I can't even begin to explain it. I've started to make some really positive changes as far as getting healthier and being more aware of what I'm doing to my body. This past November marks one year that I've officially stopped smoking, there were a few slip ups in that year but compared to the TEN YEARS prior to that where I smoked at least two packs a week I think I can overlook a few oopsies. I have a job that I enjoy that I'm really good at, and I'm in a relationship that is both responsible for, and benefitting from, all of these things. Nothing is isolated, everything effects something else and if you let one area of your life go to hell everything else is sure to follow. Now, if I can just hold onto this lesson I should be alright. I think that's why I keep up with this blog so religously, if I start to slack off with this then I can see myself starting to slide backwards. This is my daily reminder of why I'm doing this, because even when I don't feel motivated there is someone else that I'm following on here who is. So thanks!

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  1. Congrats on the one year of being a non-smoker. Tomorrow will mark a month that I've done it....not smoked that is. And that's saying a lot for me...I smoked for 20 years at a pack a day. *sigh* My lungs are still like "WTF?" LOL

  2. It's sick, but sometimes when I'm in a convenience store paying for gas or something and I see all the cigarettes behind the counter there's a little voice in my head that says, "I'm going to buy a pack of cigarettes. I'm going to buy a pack and no one will know!"