Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hey Jerkass! Get the FRICK OUT OF MY WAY!

So, during my first challenge I didn't exercise really at all. There's the whole issue of my crazy mutant foot, but there's also a little problem I have called being REALLY REALLY FREAKIN LAZY! It's true. I am. I'm not ashamed. The up side to this problem is that it's really only a problem when I'm not in the routine of getting exercise.

Maybe this doesn't make sense.

Let's try it this way:

If I worked out yesterday then I want to work out today. If I worked out two days ago I want to work out today. If I worked out three days ago and then skipped two days I might be able to convince myself to put it off another day. Then, after skipping three or more days it becomes a total crap shoot. Will she? Won't she? As soon as I get more than two weeks away from working out I completely forget how much I enjoy getting this regular exercise. Is this just me?

Anyways, during the first challenge I wasn't doing it. It was winter and I tried a couple times to get into some sort of yoga routine in my apartment, but that just didn't pan out. BUT NOW it's Spring, and the start of challenge number TWO. I've got new shoes (the vibram five fingers) that don't hurt my feet, and I've been exercising pretty consistantly. I love it. I power walk or I jog at least two miles per session. I have special playlists of music, and I even bought clothes that are specifically made for working out. I'm motivated. The weather is nice and only getting nicer, and I can't help but think that this time this is really going to stick.

So far, the only complaint I have is that the older people walking their dogs at the park seem to think that it's okay to stop in the middle of the path and block the whole thing to have a little chat. Are you people kidding me? How rude is that?! This is not an ice cream social. People are having to run off the path into the woods to get around them and they still just stand there and chat away. Royce and my father have advised me to just plow straight through them and keep on going, but I don't think I could afford the law suit that would inevitably be involved should I shoulder check a senior citizen into oblivion.

Also, this is not a dog park! There are signs everywhere that say your stupid dog needs to be on a leash. Not only so he can't bite people, but so that he stays out of my fucking way! If I break my ankle on your dog I'm taking fluffy out with me, even if I have to use my car to do it. That's a promise.

A-hem... yeah, so... I have anger issues. Honestly I'd be more likely to shoulder check a senior citizen than to purposely run down a dog with my car.

I really like dogs. Just please keep them out of everyone's way, and please pick up their crap. If I see one more person let their dog take a dook and then just casually stroll away I'm going to start carrying a big stick for hitting people with. Either a stick or a shovel that I will use to pick up your dog's doodle and catapult it at your head.

Okay. Clearly I am out of control today. I'm going to go take a time out and try to locate the source of my rage.

Have a good day!

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  1. Yeah, unless I keep exercising regularly, I won't do it at all. Still trying to figure out how to incorporate some yoga into my days (I get up at 5:30 to write before work, and then race around without a break until 21:00, at which point I drop unconscious on the sofa), I've always wanted to try it! But between walking/running (a mixture, I've got an injured left knee and a weak right ankle *sigh*) and strength training there is little time left... well, we'll see. Guess I just have to make the time.

    Good luck with your running! And yes, plow through those old people - that's what I do as well. ^^