Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feeding the Monster

The past two days I've been bored. The weather here sucks so I haven't been going out after work for any much needed exercise. Now, boredom while dieting can be a bad bad thing, a terrible combination...


there are ways to eat your way through boredom without having to hang your head in shame and drop out of the weight loss challenge, and eventually society...

I bring you Kale chips!

Meringue cookies!


Corn Flake Battered, Oven Baked Onion Rings!

All healthy versions of things that I love. Chips, cookies, and onion rings. I also battered a couple tilapia fillets in the corn flakes and fried them in just the tiniest bit of shortening. 
I still have to add up all the calories, but it's looking pretty good.

If anyone has any good healthy alternative recipes to share I'd love to hear them!

Also, I put up the challenge stats from week one. Check out how awesome we are!


  1. I've been hearing about kale chips, but they look pretty strange. However, your meringue cookies and onion rings look delicious! I'd love the recipe for the onion rings, my husband loves them. He's trying to lose weight too, so a healthier version would be something he'd like me to fix.

    Good Luck with your challenge.

  2. The kale chips are strange, but they are oddly tasty AND are very good for filling that crunchy, salty potato chip craving. Also, kale is ridiculously good for you.
    The onion rings is just one egg scrambled with a bit of water. toss the onions in as little flour as possible. I used maybe two tablespoons for two whole onions, I put them in a container and shook them to coat. you can use either wheat flakes, or corn flakes for the coating. Ive tried both and enjoyed both. This time I used corn flakes. I think three cups. you have to grind them up really fine. i used a mortar and pestle, but I think a food processor would do. i added salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Flour, Egg, Corn flakes and then into the over for about 20 - 25 minutes on 450 ( I think, you should double check). The only mistake I made was to make a whole bunch and expect them not to get soggy. DUH! They are really good though!

  3. I've done kale chips for a long time now, they are fantastic. I also do okra "fries." Basically the same thing, spray okra (leave it whole; if you cut it, that's what makes it slimy) with cooking spray (I like the olive oil kind), salt and pepper it, and roast it in the oven. I've added other spices like Tony Catcherie Cajun seasoning, and that's very good too. My teenage daughter and I both love them, and okra is another of those veggies that is crazy good for you. It's particularly good for lowering cholesterol and any lower digestive tract issues (trouble pooping).

    Now that I've shared, may I have your meringue cookie recipe? Pretty please? :)