Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Massholes, Jordan Catalano, and finding some perspective!

Happy Tuesday everyone! The sun is out, and yesterday’s snow is almost gone. In a few hours we can just pretend like yesterday’s wet little indiscretion didn’t even happen, and that Spring is in fact coming to save us. It’s ridiculous how New England winters can be such emotionally scarring ordeals, and yet we all continue to endure them year after year. I myself have moved away several times, three of those moves were to far warmer climates, and yet I keep coming back. Obviously a big part of that is because this is where my family is, to be honest we’re a little codependent, but it’s also because of this whole New Englander thing I’ve got going. The spring, summer, and fall here are amazing, and the fact that the winters are so terrible only makes those other months even better. If you’re not from here you don’t get it. I’m from New England, but what’s even better (or worse, depending) is that I’m from Massachusetts. We’re like a whole different species here. The term Masshole isn’t just a joke, it’s a badge of honor, and a way of life.

So, that was a strange tangent. Don’t worry, I’m totally aware. It’s springtime, and I’m beginning to remember all the great things about living here that the winter so viciously robs us of every year. Spring fever or whatever…

Anyways, the changing weather, as well as some conversations I’ve had with C-Muscle recently have me thinking about living in the moment, being happy with what you have, and always looking on the bright side. Generally I feel like I’m pretty good at all that stuff but it’s always good to refocus, and remind yourself exactly what it is that you have going for you.

“How does all this boring babbling translate into being about weight loss, or the blog?” You might be wondering, and I’d tell you if you’d just hold on for one freakin second! CHRIST!

Sometimes when I look at my progress during this challenge I get a little discouraged. Not that I haven’t been doing well and consistently losing weight, but I know that I could be losing more if I would just get off my ass and incorporate just a little bit of exercise into my routine. I was thinking about this last night while I was sitting in front of my computer watching My So-Called Life and eating Skinny Cow ice cream (amazing by the way, and only 150 calories for one small container). Last night’s thoughts carried over into this morning and mixed with the spring fever, and the positivity and this is what I’ve come up with:

As of this morning I’ve lost 9.1 lbs since starting the weight loss challenge on January 17th. That’s 9.1 lbs in 8 weeks. Which is 1.1375 lbs per week, which isn’t bad, but it’s not great.


Since I actually started dieting before the challenge, my real first weigh in was on January 10th (I believe), and since then I have lost 14.8 lbs. Now that’s a better number to focus on.


Around this time last year I was officially the heaviest I’ve ever been in my whole life, and while I’m obviously not divulging that horrific number I will tell you that since last winter (approx.) I have lost 27lbs. 27. Twenty-seven. That’s a TWO, followed by a SEVEN, with no decimal in between.

I just made my own day with some very simple math. I owe several teachers an apology for all the crap I gave them in high school. Math is useful! At least today it is, and mind you I’m only talking about basic math. I’m holding my ground on that bullshit factory called Algebra. Useless bunch of malarkey…

Anyways, the word of the day I guess is perspective.

What’s your silver lining?


  1. Twenty-freaking-seven pounds is awesome!!! Way to go you. **struttin the happy penguin dance**

  2. THANKS!
    I would like to see pictures and/or video of this happy penguin dance, because it sounds AMAZING.
    How goes the battle on your end?