Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Being Fat In Other States

Annnnnndddd…I’M BACK!
Maybe you didn’t notice I was gone, or maybe you’ve been crying yourself to sleep every night since my departure… either way…
I went on a long and magical vacation that included a three hour field trip to the Chicago airport, followed by 7 cold and rainy (but wonderful) days in Portland Oregon where I met up with My friend Jeff (who I used to live with in Arizona, (shown below with me))

to visit my bestie Shaun (below) and his girlfriend Megh (not pictured). 

We sang, we danced, we ate fried chicken, drank a ton of booze, and flirted with strippers, and got tattoos, AND THEN Jeff and I flew back to Boston where my favorite Royce (below) picked us up and drove us down to New York. 

We rested for a day and then took the train into the city Saturday for a St. Paddy’s Day pub crawl of massive and epic proportions.
Unfortunately it wasn’t all cupcakes and rainbows kiddos, halfway through my week in Portland I came down with a lovely chest cold. I fought it hard though, and managed to power through the rest of the trip, but on Monday I crashed hard and stayed home from work. On Tuesday I jumped out of bed determined to make it in to my office, only to discover that the illness in my chest cavity had spread to my eye in the form of viral pink eye. Yes. A very happy vacation to me, and quite the warm welcome home as well.

So today is Wednesday, and although I am still extremely worn out, coughing, and moving in slow motion I did go to work. I tried to hide in my office most of the day though, because I have this one really creepy, REALLY bright red eye. I’ve named it my freak eye, and I’m actually growing quite fond of the little bugger. It makes a statement with its’ bold color, and devil may care attitude. It says to people “don’t mess with me, I might be bacterial”. No one wants to mess with the pink eye, otherwise known as the “poo eye” (even though, as I’ve stated, mine is not bacterial, it is viral. Aint no poo in this eye.)

So yeah. Challenge? What challenge?
I’m sorry to say that with my vacation upsetting things my sorry little group has been slacking on the weigh ins. Except for Carrie the overachiever! I weighed in the first week, but not the second, as did Julie.

Corey skipped both weigh ins and is now threatening to quit the challenge altogether.

So it's a little rough right now. I think as of the end of this week we should all be back on track. And hopefully I can get rid of the three or four pounds I picked up in Oregon before then!

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  1. Glad you had a good time on your vacation. Boo on the viral eye ickyness. Welcome back!!