Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 4. A week of shocking results and one epic mustache.

Clearly I've been slacking. Clearly I've been neglecting my blogging duties and being an overall, and all around jerk.

I don't even have a very good excuse to be honest. I wish I could say I've been far too busy dieting and exercising to do any blogging, but that'd be a big fat lie. I haven't done an exercise (on purpose) in about two and a half weeks. That's my shameful confession for today. I don't enjoy exercising alone in my apartment, and my stupid mutant foot* has prevented me from keeping my gym membership. No more elliptical for me, even though it was my favorite part of the day. So, I've stopped doing it all together. Yes... waah. I know. The world's tiniest violin and all that...


The first official Friday weigh in came and went AND GUESS WHAT! We're all losers! We didn't all lose weight, but no one managed to pack on any pounds in the (almost) two week break we had. The week 4 results are as follows:

The Rack : - 4 lbs
Hot Spot : - 1 lbs
C-Muscle : - 2 lbs
Last Call : -/+ 0 lbs

I feel like it was a very successful weigh in and am so very proud of my fellow competitors! Now, up until this point I've been awarding biggest loser to whomever loses the most amount of weight each week, but today I'm going to do it differently. This week's award goes to someone who, even in the face of terrible adversity still managed to lose weight in week 4.......

**Not her real mustache**

That's right, C-Muscle, a.k.a. Corey, celebrated her 40th in New Orleans with a group of friends and her lovely wife Holly. They shopped, and drank, and stuffed their faces AND STILL she comes back two pounds lighter. I think that means she wins week four, and she deserves an extra special prize like a really sincere high five or something. Way to go Cor!

* I have what is called a tailor's bunion. It's gross and basically means that my foot is all jacked up and hurts a lot because my bone is warped, and getting more warped by the minute. It makes things like the elliptical, or the stair climber, or the stationary bike very difficult.

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