Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping your head in the game (and out of your own ass)

        The problem that I have with dieting is that it's boring. I get really excited and amped up to do it. I buy veggies and cook new food. I kick the crap out of my livingroom furniture while attempting to do exercises that I really do not have the space, or the coordination to be doing indoors. I lose some weight AND THEN- I get distracted. What really happens is that it turns into a bit of a routine and well, we all know how well I do with things that are routine. I get bored and there's something shiny over there and- wait, what were we talking about?

         I have a little more faith in this try because it's a challenge, and it's not just me doing it alone. There's some competition here to focus on, and I strongly dislike losing. Also, this blog has been helpful, as well at the fitwatch website that I use for calorie tracking. I think if I can just keep myself occupied with weight loss challenge associated activities I can make it to the end of this without accidentally falling into a pile of pizza dipped in nacho cheese (Julie's idea).
         That reminds me that I've been meaning to do a 'Meet The Contestants' entry here for a few days now...must've gotten distracted. I wanted to come up with humorous nicknames for people and make stats cards or something. I'll try and get it done before the first real challenge weigh in.
         This past Monday was our initial weigh in. Corey and I got together for some serious exercisin' before Julie showed up at 6 and we all weighed in. By the time she got there we were sweaty more from laughing at each other than from working out, but whatever, laughing until you almost pee your pants burns calories too.


  1. Great idea. I am so excited to read along. I have a meme on Mondays if you would like to link up. I use it to post my weekly progress, but you can link up anything you are wanting some motivation on.

  2. Thanks so much for emailing me and directing me to this hilarious corner of the internets. You've got a great sense of humor! I now follow you and will be keeping tabs on your progress :) Good luck!!!

    PS....**You need a button so I can add it to my blog**


  3. hmm... what is this button you speak of, and how do I get one?

  4. Wish granted! Button created!

  5. I want to pee my pants to I just did