Saturday, January 22, 2011

An update from The Rack

One fateful winter morning Corey, or C-Muscle, as the Jersey Shore name generator has dubbed her- Anyways, C-Muscle woke up one wintry morning and for some ungodly reason stepped on the scale. What followed were some words that I dare not repeat even on the internet, and possibly some tears. It's funny how being fat sneaks up on you with all the stealth of a hippo wearing tap shoes. That morning she sent out some emails, got some ideas, and gathered up support for a weight loss challenge. That's how this whole thing began. Our team consists of Corey (C-Muscle), Carrie (Last Call), Julie (Hot Spot), and Me (The Rack). I'll give you a minute to stop laughing....

Our group may be small in number, but we make up for it in sheer girth. ( I may get severely beaten for this post, but it'll be worth it). The four of us together could probably sink a small boat, and obliterate any number of park benches, and while that may be highly amusing to watch, it's not exactly healthy. All together we weigh in at well over 700 lbs.

Our first real challenge weigh in is the day after tomorrow (that's Monday for all you idiots in the audience), so that's when we find out who gained and owes money to the pot, or who lost and gets to do a victory lap around their respective livingroom. I, however, had the big 'I'm fat' epiphany about a week before Corey did, and so I started doing my own personal challenge on 1/10/11 (the challenge officially started on 1/17/11). I've been weighing in every five days and have since lost 7 lbs.

Yes, I know, it's truly epic.

So this weekend I am working my regular job in the morning to make up some time I missed due to snowstorms, AND THEN I'm heading over to the theater because Mamma Mia is in town. Starting yesterday and continuing until late sunday night I get to sit through 12.5 hours of nothing but ABBA music. The up side is that there are stairs in the theater, and since I'm a principle dresser my girls rooms are one level down from the stage which means I'm getting in a fair amount of cardio. Just in time for Monday's weigh in.

Prepare your chunky asses to be KICKED!


  1. Congrats on being down 7 pounds! That is so totally awesome!!!

  2. Congratulations on the great start! You have a wonderfully humorous way of expressing yourself. I'll be following you & your friends & checking in on your progress.

  3. Great way to start your challenge! Woo hoo to 7 pounds lost. I know the feeling about stepping on the scale and going into shock at the number that stares back at you...I swear it giggles. I was at work when I had my own "Oh my god WTF happened here" moment, so my choice words and meltdown had to wait for 7.5 hrs till I got home. Love the names you guys have for yourselves....good luck!!

  4. I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award. Check out my latest post to receive it.