Monday, July 25, 2011

Sprinting for the Finish

I stayed at my parents house this weekend to do laundry and hang out with my dearest friend Abbey, even though she is currently spanking me pretty hard in this weight loss challenge (and not in that fun way). So Sunday morning, even though it was like fighting my way through a bowl of hot soup, I went for a jog/walk of about two miles. It's not a whole lot, but I did jog 90% of the way back and there's a really long hill before my parent's house, I'm lucky I didn't pass out on the side of the road somewhere. Then, when I got home last night I went to the park and did another two miles. With Friday being the final weigh in I need to at least try and make a good number for week 12. We'll see... I've got some raging PMS starting up which means I could probably starve myself all week and still gain 5 pounds, but you never know!
Here's me before yesterday's evening workout, I don't dare post pictures of what I look like after.... scary....

My arms aren't long enough to get my complete superhero stance in the picture, but don't worry, I'm doing it.


  1. I've found that extra protein - in the form of steaks or shakes, your choice ^^ - helps with the PMS.

  2. I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip!