Monday, July 25, 2011

*insert witty title here*

With next Friday being the final weigh in for my second weight loss challenge (and my last) I’ve been thinking about the fate of this blog. I started it to keep everyone informed during the first challenge, and now I find that I’m sort of attached to it. It has definitely helped me to stay on track, and given me something positive to focus on. So, I guess what’s going to happen is just a bit of an evolution. I’m going to try and expand the scope of topics to include my progress in all these other areas of my life that are being worked over, not just the weight loss. I’d like to track my experiences in seeking therapy, going back to school finally, learning to make clothes, being single (don’t ask), cooking, and turning 30

Also, that slow, maddening descent into spinsterhood where I will undoubtedly begin collecting cats that I will one day push around my apartment complex in a toy baby stroller while saying things like, “Mr. Flufferkins thinks he’s people!” and “Now now, Captain Horatio Santiago, let's mind our manners shall we?” My cats are going to have really stupid names because really, why not?

So yeah... that's the plan.

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