Monday, July 18, 2011

Magical Dress Shopping With Harry Potter

The strangest thing happened to me yesterday. Remember how I was saying that I have a hard time seeing the way I’ve changed with all this weight loss? Well, one of my oldest friends is getting married the first weekend in August so yesterday I went dress shopping. It’s an evening, indoor wedding, so definitely not the semi-casual outdoor affair that you frequently see during the summer. I needed a real dress.

The boyfriend person and I were doing some shopping while waiting to see the 2 pm showing of the new Harry Potter (AWESOME BY THE WAY!), so we went into Marshalls.

Now, not wanting to think too much about what would and wouldn’t fit I went through the racks and pulled out anything that caught my eye (and wasn’t too expensive), there were ten dresses in all. Once inside the dressing room I started doing that thing that I do, and maybe you do too, where you look at something and think you’d better not even try it on so as not to depress yourself when it doesn’t fit, because then you’ll have to face the fact that while you’ve worked really hard, and made some progress you still haven’t changed enough to wear whatever you want… blah blah blah.. etc etc etc…. *insert more insane female bullshit here*

I managed to ignore the voices in my head and then something magical happened.

Every single dress fit. Some of them were even too big. BUT perhaps the most magical part of it all…

 I actually liked the way that I looked in all of them.

What’s that you say? Did I take pictures?

But of course…

I ended up going with the last one. The blue top and dark gray skirt. It's actually too big, and I'm trying to figure out if I'll be able to take it in without ruining it. If not I'll have to go shopping again. Oh well!


  1. You are so curvy and beautiful!!! I hope I look like that one day!!

  2. Looks great! Hell, which reminds me... my stepfather is turning 75 in three weeks, and I need a dress! Hope to lose some more during the next two weeks, and then I can still stress out about the dress. I'm almost done! ^^