Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Great Alcohol Debate

Guess who got up early today and went to the park before work!

THIS GUY!---------->

Only two weeks left in this challenge and this past weekend I did a bit too much celebrating, resulting in about a four pound gain. So as of today I’m down three pounds from what I was Sunday night, and still one pound above what I weighed in at this week. I walked Saturday, Sunday, and this morning. I’m counting calories, and I think - *gulp* that I may quit drinking until this is all over….

Just typing that feels so wrong, but when it comes down to it it’s the alcohol that killed me this weekend. Not like it’s a huge issue to not drink alcohol for two weeks, but my cousin Jaryd is up visiting from Florida and he’s staying with me for a couple days. What do you do to entertain someone aside from take them to bars? Perhaps I should get some new hobbies… Also, I was planning on going to my parents camp in Maine by myself this weekend, but now that he’s here I will probably take him with me. Camping, and beer go together like any stupidly compatible duo you could possibly think of! Ugh…

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t stress out about these last two weeks, and I should just be really happy that I’ve made such amazing progress in the past six months. Scratch that, 98% of me feels that way. The progress that I’ve made is (oddly) enough of a prize. Money would be nice, but I can say with 100% certainty that if I don’t win any money at all I won’t be disappointed in the least. So weird… And it’s not like I don’t need the money. Because I do. Apparently being healthy and doing something really positive for yourself is like… it’s own reward or something. Who knew?!
Of course, there is that other 2% of me that feels like I’m being a quitter if I don’t make that sprint for the finish.

So I guess I’m undecided on the whole drinking issue. 

I never get to hang out with my cousin, and he’s one of my very favorite people, so my priority is really going to be in entertaining him… not in obsessing over calories and beer bloat. Besides, I can stomach Michelob ultra, or even Bud Select 55. I’m tough.

We'll see.


  1. Have you tried things like, let's say, alcohol-free beer? I know, it sounds crazy... but I did, and it tastes great! So, if you drink beer for the taste, you'll get it with only 1/3 of the calories (comparing my favorite alc-free brand with the brand the BF drinks). There are non-alcoholic cocktails, and even wine (called grape juice ;-) ). I mainly tried it because my family has a small history of alcohol abuse (father and grandfather), and I just wanted to check if I wanted the taste of the intoxication... and who knew, non-alcoholic beer is even great as isotonic drink after exercise, and helps improve hair and skin! ^^

  2. Yeah. That's a good idea, but one of the things I told myself when I started this whole thing was that I wasn't going to alter my eating habits in any way that would be difficult to keep up after I was done dieting because that is why people fail. I'm not going to quit drinking now, because that's not a realistic portrayal of how I'm going to live the rest of my life. Alcohol for me, just like everything else, is one of those things that I need to relearn portion control. I'd rather face the challenge and beat it than avoid it.