Monday, May 2, 2011


OK blog followers! We need to get our act together if we’re going to start this challenge on Friday, right?
So basically I think we should do a stripped down version of the other challenge. Every Friday you need to email me your weight. I will keep track of all the information and send out a weekly challenge chart showing everyone’s stats, including percentage of body weight lost which is how we will determine the winner in week 12.

Once we declare our online winner we can all mail out our contribution to the grand prize so that whoever wins gets lots of fun prizes, as well as the personal satisfaction of being a huge loser.

Sounds acceptable?

I’ve also been wondering if I should be a competitor in this blog challenge, or just keep track of it for everyone. It’s sort of a conflict of interest I guess for me to participate. What do you guys think? Either way I’m going to include my weekly progress in the chart I send to you so that you can all see just how badly I’m kicking your butts!

Is everyone amped and ready to party? By party I mean eat more veggies, and get more exercise! Sounds like a party to me…

What I need for you guys to do is email me your names (or preferred nicknames) so that I can create the weekly chart. Also, whenever you figure out what you’re going to contribute to the prize let me know so that I can keep a running list of that as well.


  1. I can't wait to start, unfortunately I'll be the one kicking your butt, lol!

    How are we going to report our progress? Are we just emailing you our loss for the week or what?

  2. Also, I say let you compete too, the more the merrier right? Also having that extra competitor will make it more motivating I think.

  3. the plan is just for everyone to email me their weight each week. we could require a picture weigh in if you want. I think we should all be required to provide a before picture to be later compared with our after picture! thoughts?

  4. "Here at Globo Gym we understand that ugliness and fatness are genetic disorders, much like baldness or necrophilia, and it's only your fault if you don't hate yourself enough to do something about it." _ Dodgeball_