Monday, April 11, 2011

Repent or burn! They don't serve beer in hell!

Last week:
Me: -3 lbs
Corey: maintained
Julie: no show
Carrie: -2 lbs

I’m not declaring a winner for this week because it’s almost the final weigh in, and I’m lazy.

The end is near!
April 15th is officially the final weigh in for the 12 week challenge. I’ve got one week to lose five pounds and hit my goal of 20 for the challenge. I don’t know if I can do it, but I do know that it is not impossible. For this final week I am going to be cutting out all the extra calories that I waste on impulsive things like chocolate, and alcohol. ALSO, I bought new shoes finally. AND I believe that they may be just what I need to get myself back into exercising. I bought myself a lovely pair of Vibram five finger sneakers (pictured below). They’re ridiculous looking but they feel like being barefoot, which is perfect for me because I absolutely hate wearing shoes. They do not make my freak-foot issue act up, which means I will not be crying in the middle of exercising and limping home. Also, the separation of my toes will help to keep them aligned, which will help to keep the knuckles from cutting off the blood flow to two of my middle toes causing them to go numb, and albino white.
These are all wonderful things.

The last little bit of good news I have for today is that yesterday boyfriend/Royce and I went to the park that is (almost) literally right around the corner from my apartment to check it out. I’ve been meaning to see what the walking trail is all about since I moved into my apartment (almost a year ago). Better late than never. So it turns out that it’s a really nice park, and we ended up going back after dinner last night and walking the whole loop twice. I’m not quite sure if one loop around the whole place is a mile, I will figure that out this evening. I’ve made a deal with myself to get back there at least three nights this week, and today I brought a change of clothes and the new sneakers to work with me, because let’s face it, if I go home after work chances are that I will decide I’m too tired and lazy to change clothes and go back out. This is a fact.

Is it strange that my first impulse when I get onto a trail like that meant for exercising is to run wildly, arms flailing like a little kid, or like Phoebe from that episode of Friends when she’s running in the park with Rachel… So yeah, is that weird? I’m afraid I’d hurt myself doing that, or someone else…


  1. After your 12 week challenge, we should do a blog "Biggest Loser Challenge". One just for your followers online. It would give you & all of us some additional motivation to lose a few more pounds. Just a thought!

  2. Hey, even if you don't meet you goal of 20lbs lost, your progress will still be amazing! (For comparison, it took me since August '10 to lose 10kg, which should be a little more than 20lbs, but which was waaaaay more time than 12 weeks. ^^)

  3. @FatSoSarah: That's a great idea and I'm totally willing to do it! We are starting another challenge pretty much as soon as this one ends, and anyone who would like to join in online and follow along would be more than welcome. It would be great to add some names to the weekly progress chart. I doubt anyone who doesn't know us would want to be mailing off checks, so I don't see how online peeps could be eligable to win the pot, but totally! The competition alone is enough motivation for me! I will put up a blog about it soon! @Diandra: Thanks for the support! I need a reminder every now and then not to push myself too hard, otherwise I'll end up self sabotaging I'm sure of it. 20 pounds doesn't sound like a whole lot to me sometimes, so I'm beginning to think that I should keep something around that weighs the equivalent of what I've lost so that I can pick it up and be amazed that I used to walk around with all of that and more hanging off me. I ramble... thanks for the niceness!

  4. The reward for the online peeps will be the weight loss! I actually started a 16 week Biggest Loser Challenge at my job, the pot is up to $200! It officially ends May 1st. So I can use some extra motivation to win that too, lol!

  5. Lauren you have done an awesome job at your weight loss!!!!
    and Sarah the Biggest Loser Challenge sounds awesome!

  6. Alright, I will get working on a post about starting an online challenge!

    Not sure when we are starting up again. It'll probaby be about two weeks.

    I'm excited!! Thanks for the encouragement and support!