Monday, April 4, 2011

Fields of pizza! As far as the eye can see!

So here’s the thing, I have 25 days left until my short term goal deadline. This means that I have 25 days left to lose roughly 10 pounds. 25 sounds like a long time, but it’s causing me to panic. Thus far I’ve been losing an average of 1.32 lbs per week, and if I continue at this snail’s pace then I’m going to miss my goal by about half. This displeases us greatly…

How about you incorporate more exercise into your routine, and cut out alcohol or something?

Obviously I’ve thought of both of those things. I’m not an idiot. BUT …

So, I do this thing every now and then where I throw my back out. All of the muscles in my lower back will get really angry about something, working conditions or whathaveyou, and they will protest. 

The muscles will protest and I will ignore them until eventually they cannot take it anymore and they begin to riot. By riot I mean spasm, and when they do this I am left doing ridiculous things like hanging off the edge of the washing machine for dear life, or lying on the gross laundry room floor for a while, completely crippled.

Anyways, of course I can cut down on the alcohol intake, and I do believe that I will, but for now I’m going to have to put off the exercising just a little bit longer. Not that I’m sad about it… I hate exercising. I always feel like I’m doing it wrong.

Different News:

I’ve been putting off writing about the last weigh in because I don’t have a good picture of our new Huge Loser, but I’ve decided that if I don’t write about it now I never will.
Here we go.

This past week was the tenth week of the challenge.
Corey and Julie ONCE AGAIN did not weigh in.
I, as I expected, maintained my number from last week.
Carrie, the superstar, lost ONE pound.

Now maybe you’re saying, “So what? I could lose a pound standing on my head with one arm tied behind my back in the middle of a pizza field.
Well, maybe you should stop being such a bitch.
Also, a pizza field? Have you been reading my dream journal?

I think losing a pound is an achievement worthy of praise, but really what we’re celebrating is that Ms. Carrie is the first of our group to hit her goal weight! Which obviously makes her this week’s HUGE EPIC LOSER, MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE. 

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  1. Congrats to Carrie!! And to you as well for maintaining your number....that's awesome.

    As for the other two...they need a swift kick of motivation to get them off their asses.