Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Your Hump On (or Challenge Week Five)

Week five has come and gone and it seems strange that we're already halfway done with this challenge. We're about to go over the hump, if you will. When we first started I remember thinking how long twelve weeks seemed. I figured I would be dying for it to be over, and counting down the days until I could stop dieting. Now I'm thinking about how to arrange the next challenge, and who I can get to do it with me. I'm really enjoying dieting. I feel better. My clothes fit better, and some are even getting to be too big. Eating well does wonders for your mental health if you're as prone to the crazy as I am, and while I'm never going to be perfectly balanced I am noticing differences.
One thing to know about me is that I'm super impatient. I crave instant gratification and being able to get on the scale every day and see that number (almost) constantly going down is really all the motivation I've found myself needing. I weigh myself constantly just to see what's going on. I might be a little bit obsessed, but this is by far the healthiest obsession/habit that I've ever developed, so I think I'll keep it for a while.

Obviously I'm not perfect. I had a martini and like 6 glasses of wine last night. And the other day I ate a whole frozen pizza. Seriously. Not a small pizza for one/lonely man special, but a for real size frozen pizza. It took me an hour or so to do it, but by god I did and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! Pizza is my kryptonite (sorry if I spelled that wrong, I'm not enough of a nerd to know off hand). I was responsible about it though, I budgeted my calories for the day and made it work. Also, sometime last week I had a three scoop peanut butter cup sundae from Friendly's with extra peanut butter sauce. Also, totally worth it. Occasionally you need to just say fuck it and binge a little. I'm a good girl. I deserve treats... and jewelry....... and possibly a tiara.

Anywho.... since I started dieting I've lost 14 lbs.

Believe me, I'm shocked too.

Now for week five challenge results. Envelope please.

me: -2 lbs
Julie: -1 lb
Carrie: -2 lbs
and Corey....well, let's just say Corey had a rough week and now she owes some money to the pot. It's alright though, we've still got plenty of time for her to get her act together and buckle down again. For those of you who don't know Corey, she's totally badass and will probably pull it together pretty quick. Right Cor?!

Who's got two thumbs and loves fat chicks?

This guy!

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  1. Way to go all of you!!! Keep up the awesome work :)