Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We always knew she was a loser...

I’ve been bad. We had our first official weigh in Monday night and I haven’t blogged about it yet. For that I’m truly sorry.
Now let’s move on, shall we?
The week 1 winner and therefore CHAMPION OF THE WORLD (until next Monday) is………………………………………………………………………

 That’s right, Corey worked her chubby little butt off for a whole week and came up two pounds ahead of the rest of us! Julie “Hot Spot” and I “The Rack” maintained our starting weights (I’ll explain later), and Carrie “Last Call” wasn’t paying attention when the rules were explained and so failed to email her weight to me by the cut off time on Monday night. Now she owes the pot $1, and will be wearing the hat of shame until further notice.

I’m not making excuses for us, and I don’t mean to take away any of C-Muscle’s glory, but Hot Spot and I knew we wouldn’t be losing this first week, even though we probably did lose a bit. What the hell am I trying to tell you, you may be asking! Well, we weighed in on C-Muscle’s Wii fit to establish our starting weights. The Wii fit is always 2 or 3 pounds below your actual weight (it’s true, we tested it on three different scales). Then, for the first real weigh in we all used our own scales. Corey used the Wii fit, so her loss was accurate, and Julie and I used our own respective scales. In order to weigh in at the same weight as we had started (but on a different scale) we would have had to lose some weight. Get it? Dude, wake up your weiner is showing.

No, I don’t know why I’m explaining this to you either.

Anyways, Corey won! She’s currently two pounds lighter and riding the tidal wave of her own victory all the way into next week where once again it will be anybody’s game. Will C-Muscle keep the title of WORLD’S BIGGEST LOSER for one more week?? Will Hot Spot snatch the crown and do a victory dance of epic proportions?!?! Will I start donating organs to get ahead?! Will Last Call remember to take her A.D.H.D. meds and actually get into the game?!
Until next week!… (or like, probably tomorrow or something…)


  1. THAT is right bitches.... C-Muscle is gonna muscle through this challenge and wipe you up off the floor as I do it!!!! BAH HA HA!!

  2. Hey! Asshat! Watch the language! This is a family blog. We'll have none of your potty mouth here. Dirty whore....