Sunday, January 16, 2011

THE RULES *updated*

1. Weigh in MUST be done (and emailed or texted to lauren) on Mondays by 9PM.
2. Weight should be rounded to the nearest half/full pound.  Basically, don't send any weight that doesn't end in .5 or 0!
3. If Lauren does not receive your weight by Monday at 9, you will pay $1 into the grand prize pot.
4. The winner will be determined by highest percentage of weight lost at the end of the 12 weeks.

1. The first week of the challenge, send Lauren the following information: Current weight, goal weight loss, & ultimate weight goal.
2. After the first week, just email Lauren with that day's weight.
3. Each week that you lose weight you will not owe money.
4. Each week that you maintain your weight you will not owe money.
5. Each week that you gain weight you will pay $1 into the grand prize pot.
6. To build up the pot and make it worth working for everyone is going to put $20 into the pot in the first week. Checks will go to Lauren.

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