Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's snowing in Portland this morning. I'm learning that the word snow means something different here. At home it's snow, but here it's just a jumbo sized raindrop with a consistency only slightly thicker than regular water.

A woman gets on the bus with a ton of luggage. She's wearing flowery capri pants over what appears to be ten pairs of socks followed by huge white sneakers. Once she's settled in she glances around for a moment before her eyes settle on the woman a few seats to her right. She smiles and leans towards the woman in a sort of conspiratory way and all I can think is ” Ohhh this should be good.”
” What happened to your face?” She asks. I can't see the other woman's face but I assume she's wearing a sort of shocked, unsure expression.
” Your face.” She says, louder this time, and then mimes punching herself in the eye. ” Did your boyfriend punch you?” She continues to mock punch herself. I can't hear the response but a minute later she lowers her fist and laughs. ” Oh,” she says, ” you're just tired, huh?” Afterwards she rambles on for a minute or two about getting smacked around and the show is over. As far as random involvement in the public transit performance of one of Portland's ”eccentrics” goes, this lady got off pretty easy.
It makes me wonder if I've ever been so tired that I looked like I got socked in the face plate.

When I get off the bus the woman with the luggage is very carefully and lovingly putting infant sized winter pj's and several layers of colorful socks on a dingy white teddy bear.

It was pretty adorable.

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