Monday, August 13, 2012

The Magic's In The Mustache

This is my friend Shaun.

We have been (for lack of a better term) besties for many moons.
When he is gone it makes me sad, and he lives in Portland Oregon right now.... so you know... with the sadness and all that.

So in order to cope with the great mustache shaped hole in my life I devised a plan. I took this picture that he sent to me and I made it the background on my phone, and now, whenever I feel lonely I look at his picture and send him text messages as if he were there with me. It's the Best Friend App, except I lack the technology skills to make it into an actual app, so this one works by looking at someone's picture, and then sending them random text messages that they will probably be confused about.... unless of course you're Shaun, and then you just get things.

For example:

*me doing laundry by myself <heavy sigh>, look at phone, text Shaun*
Me: We're hanging out at the laundromat together. It's fun.
Shaun: We make a good team. You fold the laundry and I just sit there.

That's my Shaun. He took me to my prom. Gives the best hugs. And he flew down to Florida just to be with me because I called him crying once a million years ago.

I even made a comic starring us.

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