Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't Take This The Wrong Way But...

I really want to read other people's blogs, the problem is that the majority of them are boring.

That's a little harsh don't you think? I mean, it's not like your blog is 100% Bruce Willis movie level exciting all the time.

Of course it isn't, voice in my head, but I don't have to read my own blog for entertainment I have to read other people's. And there are several problems getting in the way of this venture.

- By the time I usually get around to reading other people's stuff it is late in the day and my adderall has pretty much worn off which leaves me capable of pretty much only two things:
  1. Staring at things and every once in a while being like, "Wait....what was I doing?"
  2. Watching Dawson's Creek or Battlestar Galactica on my laptop while I try and follow a recipe to make dinner, but really just end up losing interest in reading the recipe and just winging it.
  3. Finding new and clever ways to rub my butt on boyfriend while he tries to do other things.

- There are too many words and not enough amusing pictures/illustrations.This rotted out, ADHD brain of mine sees a big pile of words and pretty much does this:

 And then this:

What I'm trying to say here is that words are boring. Also, perhaps I should consider upping my dosage.

And that your brain pukes rainbows...?

...and that my brain pukes rainbows...


1 comment:

  1. Pretty necklace.

    I suppose I should start adding some pictures and witty commentary to my blog, huh? ;)

    and no worries. I dont even blog regularly anymore--because let's be honest, the only one reading it is me--but I'm content as long as YOU keep blogging. So..yeah. Keep writing.