Wednesday, March 7, 2012

**Updated** Laughing Through The Rage (or Cat Poop And Human Love)

So I have this problem where I don't like cats. On some deep and primal level I distrust every little hair on their furry feline bodies. Oh sure I've been known to pet a cat or two, I'll even hold a conversation with one if no one is looking, but don't be fooled - I DO NOT like cats.

That being said, I truly believe that the funniest memes floating around out there in the land of internets are the ones involving cats.

Lauren, did you drag us into your blog at this ungodly hour just to show us pictures of cats? (You're probably whining)

The answer is no, my friend. I did not bring you here just to show you pictures of cats. These are cats who think they are people, very very serious people, and I've been laughing about them for hours. Inside my head, and right outside of my face too. Mostly while I should've been doing homework.

Without further adieu...catsssss....

........ also I love poo humor.

**3/8/12 update** - last night while lying in bed I was thinking about these cats and I started laughing all over again which lead to Royce asking me what I was laughing about, so I explained it to him and then we both laid there laughing about ridiculous cats and their poop issues for far longer than we should have. This is how I know we belong together.   


  1. Yeah, not a cat person either I think it's their "I don't need you attitude" that irks me, lol.

    1. They are too much like women. I only like women from a distance as well.

    2. I knew you had been sucked into Coreys joy of discussing poop and you were just pretending to be grossed out. Now I have proooooof.

  2. You need to post a picture of Beacon Rob airing out his jewels in front of the air conditioner...and add your own caption of course!

  3. Send me the picture. I'll work on something amazing.