Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Bare Faced Revolution (or how to accomplish something without doing anything)

You ever just look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Ugh…you again?”
Recently I’ve been finding myself less and less impressed with what I’m looking at every day. It’s not that I feel ugly or unattractive, it’s just that I’m bored. I’m bored with looking at my own stupid face every day.
“So,” you may be wondering, “why not make a change? Why not just shut the hell up and do something about it?”

I’m getting to that part, if you’d just calm down for a minute.

Next I’d like to say that I love makeup. When I say love, I mean LOVE. I always have. I’ve been able to accurately put lipstick on without a mirror since I was four. I love that I can sit down at my makeup table and change my whole face. This is me, I get bored easily, so things like makeup, hair dye, and scissors are near and dear to my heart. I wear makeup every day, I cut my own hair (impulsively most of the time which doesn’t always work out well), and in the past I’ve changed my hair color sometimes a couple times a month (which leads to damage, but that’s a different topic altogether).
Now this boredom thing: Lately I’m bored. Nothing I’m doing seems to give me much satisfaction with my reflection. I feel like no matter how many layers I put on, or how many different colors, or techniques I try I’m just bored. I’ve realized that wearing makeup has become such a huge part of my daily routine that I no longer feel comfortable without it, and what’s even worse than that is somewhere along the line I started actually disliking how my own bare face looks. This, I think we can all agree, is totally wrong.

The other day I was sitting in front of the mirror getting ready for work when it hit me that the change I needed was no change at all. I needed to stop covering myself up and re-learn to appreciate. I needed to take the chisel to my face and get rid of everything I wasn’t born with.

This was my new challenge: As many days as possible without a stitch of makeup, and then minimal makeup if you must wear any at all (I'm not an animal after all, or a feminist, or a hippie. I will occasionally need to wear some makeup). Do this until you’re comfortable in your own skin again. In other words: Get your fucking life together; we’re not in high school anymore.

Day one:

Day Two:

(I didn't take a picture, but I assure you it looks pretty much exactly like day one)


Now I've never been one to suffer much from insecurity, of course I have my things just like everyone else but it's never really been a huge problem for me. I look like my mom and she's one of the most beautiful women ever, so like I said, not usually a problem. I took a couple days with no makeup and I was actually surprised at how little time it took for me to get comfortable in the mirror again. It was awkward at first of course, sometimes I forget how fair skinned I am, but it was a relatively easy transition. I mean, I'm thirty years old, I should at least be comfortable with my face by now.

So today I'm not bare-facing it, but I am only wearing translucent powder, a dab of yellow concealer under my eyes (I'm tired), and some mascara. And in the words of my dearest friend Neil:

" Bitch please, you're gorgeous."

Thanks buddy.


  1. As much as I'd love to be bare faced, I just can't. The only time in my life that I had skin beautiful enough to go completely bare was after I took accutane...now my skin isn't horrible but I definitely need some coverage, bleh. You look fabulous though!

    1. Thank you miss! I have to admit that today I am wearing makeup. I cut myself some new bangs last night and I was so excited about them that I couldn't drag down their awesomeness with my pale, tired looking face.