Monday, January 23, 2012

I'M BACK!! *jazz hands*

Hello friends. It's been a long time. How have you been? Steadily getting skinnier I'm sure. Never once even considering eating fast food or pizza, right?
Yeah, I thought so.
I've been absent, truly. I haven't even been checking in and the only real reason is because it started to feel like a chore. This whole deal should be fun and therapeutic if anything. But it wasn't. So I stopped. Honestly I ran out of things to say.

So now I'm back and here's a quick update:
-stopped counting every calorie
-somehow made it through the holidays without gauging my own eyes out
-bought a new car
-moved in with boyfriend
-moved in with boyfriend into an apartment ABOVE A PIZZA PLACE!
-moved in with boyfriend into an apartment also ABOVE A GELATO PLACE
-moved in with boyfriend into an apartment ACROSS THE STREET FROM A FRENCH/ITALIAN BAKERY!!
-turned 30

So now it's been 6 months since the end of the last weight loss challenge and I have only gained back five pounds of what I lost over the first 7 months of 2011. I can't even express how surprised and proud I am of this.

But now, onto something new.

I've been experimenting with a fresh juice diet. Inspired by a documentary (Fat,Sick,and Nearly Dead), and my desire to still lose some more weight we got a juicer for Christmas and have been obsessively juicing everything we can get our hands on since. My plan is to swap out fresh juice for meals 2-3 days out of the week, sometimes maybe one meal a day will be juice. However I feel like doing it that day... And the rest of the time continue to make efforts towards eating healthier.

Also, I found the charts from the first two weight loss challenges and was inspired by them all over again. So I've decided to do a mini 6 week challenge by myself which I actually started on Friday January 13th.
The results so far are as follows:
Week 1 : 1/13/12 → 1/20/12
Starting weight: 170.6
Ending weight: 164.9

Of that first week I think I did two days of 95% or more just juice. As a snack I had pickles, and the occasional string cheese. The rest of the week I ate pretty normally.

Week 2 started on Saturday with scattered breakfast picking and then beer and sweet potato fries for lunch, followed by dinner and drinks at The Melting Pot (a belated birthday dinner). Sunday was eggs, french toast, bacon, and sausage for breakfast, some snacking throughout the day, white wine, and then a pepperoni calzone for dinner.

Today's Juice Recipes:

2 oranges
1 cucumber
3 large carrots

¼ bunch of kale
¼ bunch of parsley
1 cucumber
2 green apples
2 celery stalks
1 good sized chunk of ginger

Fingers crossed for week 2!

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