Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Profanity Stuffed Turkey.

You ever watch so much British television that your inside voice acquires an accent? I've been watching the first two seasons of the show Shameless (the original non-US version), and now my inner dialogue is all BBC. Everything happening in here has an accent that even I can barely understand and sometimes it's hard not to let it affect my outside voice. There' s a lot of profanity in that show, so mostly I find myself calling people 'fucking cunts' and 'twats', and saying 'bloody hell' a lot.. In my head of course.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I've made a very fattening Spicy Pumpkin Bisque. I plan on eating a bunch and drinking a ton of beer starting tonight and ending sometime around Sunday evening. I'm also planning on NOT feeling bad about ANY OF IT.

It's winter people. Put on a fluffy sweater and ride it out until spring.

Happy turkey day!

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