Monday, October 24, 2011

So.... I'm here for the party?

It's Monday again. How does this keep happening? I swear it was Friday evening like 8 minutes ago. I blinked and when I opened my eyes back up I'm sitting in my office. 12:21 pm on a Monday.
A fucking MONDAY for god's sake!!
My ability to cope with this weekday shenanigan bullshit is just not at the level that it should be for normal functioning as a productive member of society. Maybe no one knows my secret though...
I sometimes wonder if I came to work with my underwear on the outside, or a face full of orange tiger paint like a little kid at a county fair, if anyone would really notice. I think I could probably get through most of a day before someone stopped me and said, "You've got a little something...right there." No one pays attention. We may not all hate it here (it's not that bad of a place), but we all like ourselves better when we're not here. That much I'm sure of.
Just put your head down and power through. Friday (much like the south) will rise again.

It was a busy weekend everyone. Friday night I went and got a haircut. My first real haircut/style in probably ten years. It's a good change. It needed to be done. Now I actually have to do something with my hair instead of just tying it up all the time.

Saturday was the super 80's rollerskating birthday party for a friend. Wasn't rollerskating big in the 70's, not the 80's? Either way. Rollerskating we went in all of our fabulous 80's gear. Looking like a big bag full of John Hughes' rejects. Rejected for a good reason too.

 Later that night there was karaoke and quite a bit of boozing to be had... which of course leads to me wearing a mullet wig.

Next came Sunday which was a day of helping my future ex-husband buy some grown up clothes for an upcoming job fair. It was also a day of intense back pain. Apparently going rollerskating isn't great if you've been having back issues. Who knew?! 
Also, I'm an idiot. I knew it was a bad idea but I did it anyways. I'm better today. Hitting the chiro the end of the week THANKFULLY before next weekend's Halloween pub crawl through Boston. 
As far as dieting and weight loss goes....
I was down a couple pounds, but as of this morning I'm back up some. Could it have something to do with the heavy drinking and cake eating? Possibly...
I also didn't get to the gym all weekend, so I'm going back today. My plan is to get there every day this week with the exception of Friday because that's when my chiropractor appointment is, and then the out of towners arrive for the pub crawl and we are doing a mini "pre-pub crawl" pub crawl through Worcester Friday night. It's a lot like training for an event. You can't just jump in and be the best. You have to put in some time. Build up those muscles.....
Go for the gold(schlager)?