Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Debbie Downer's in town.

I'm about to miss my goal. The thing that sucks isn't that I'm going to miss the goal, but that I'm only going to miss it by like three pounds. bleh. It's not even a challenge related goal, it's just a short term one that I set for myself just to see if I could stay on track for a couple weeks. Guess we know the answer to that question now.

I'm sort of bad at life lately.

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  1. Cone on, don't let that failure drag you down. I know how hard that is. But you are sooo close! Why not try and see how fast you can lose those last 3 pounds, even if you miss your original goal? (I had thought I'd bee done with weight loss after one year - after all, it was "just" 19kg to lose, and most specialists suggest losing 2kg/month is healthy... see? The maths were pretty... now I've been at it almost exactly one year, and what have I done? Lost 14kg. Not there yet. But at least I am close.)